High performance equestrian-wear incorporating fluorescent colours and reflective detailing.
“Wearing more visible clothes can only be a positive thing. My aim for STYLE VIS was to create smart and stylish designs that bring more visibility to riders’ everyday outfits and encourage them to consider their visibility more.
I ride on the South Downs and feel strongly that it’s not only road riders that can benefit from wearing more visible colours.
Being visible in the countryside gives dog walkers, hikers, cyclists and farmers more of a chance to spot you earlier and prepare for passing, as well as helping the air-ambulance should they ever need to locate you.
I designed the STYLE VIS products to seamlessly transfer from one sport to another, meaning that the designs also offer great options for running, cycling and any other sport. Our technical fabric is made for the water too, so is also ideal for visibility whilst doing water-sports!
The most important part to my design process is ensuring products are designed with a purpose and are practical and comfortable without lacking style and personality. Being high-quality sportswear designs, riders are finding our products ideal for cross-country too.
Technical properties mean they’re comfortable and un-restricting, whilst the bright colours mean spectators can see them from long distances.
I plan to continuously expand the collection as we grow to offer styles for all weathers, a wider range of colours and sizes, and a broader range of products for the horse.
I hope you like the collection!”
Founder and Designer - Danielle Reynolds
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