Buy Back Scheme

Welcome to our buy back scheme!

Did you know? Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill* To save our beautiful planet from ourselves as we produce and buy more and more, not only do we need to be considering what we buy more often, but we also need to be considering the life span of our clothing, and what happens to it once it's finished with. 

That's why we decided to launch our free repairs service, which is great if you still love and fit your product and want to wear it for longer, but sometimes you fall out of love with a product, or maybe the fit or style isn't right for you any more, and that's where our buy back scheme comes in. 

We'll buy back any DVR products you don't want any more! 

You can trade in your unwanted DVR for money off new products on the website. We'll accept clothes in any condition, and the amount of credit you're given to put towards your next online order will depend on the condition of the product. If they're still in good enough condition they'll be sold on our seconds page, and if they're not they'll be cut up and turned into our scrap scrunchies.

DVR Grey sustainable scrunchie

We believe in the circular economy model. 

Circular economy

This new initiative is helping us become as circular as possible. Taking responsibility for the products we produce from the start of their life to the end of their life and reselling or rebirthing them into something new for a second or third life. We're really proud to be an innovative brand with sustainability at our heart, pioneering the sustainable movement in the equestrian clothing industry. So let's work together to encourage multiple ownership and extend the life of our products, and help your money go further too! 
*Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Steps to take to get involved:

1. Email me at with the products you'd like to send back in return for store credit with an idea of their condition
2. We'll give you an estimate of what credit you'll receive for each item and where to post to (Please note we do not cover the postage cost to send the items)
3. Once the products arrive, their condition will be checked and we will then email you with your code containing the credit to be spent on the website. If the condition differs from what we were told we reserve the right to offer a different amount to what we estimated previously. 
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We are DVR Equestrian. We are a UK based equestrian-wear brand dedicated to designing beautiful one-of-a-kind products made for purpose, and doing as little damage as possible to our planet in the process.



DVR was born through our Founder's idea for our STYLE VIS collection. A range of technical sports riding-wear incorporating high visibility to keep riders comfortable and seen, and to encourage the equestrian world to see visibility-wear in a new light.



As the brand grew, so did the team's awareness of how much sustainability and ethics mattered to us, from working with independent local suppliers, to adapting packaging choices, to questioning all components of the products being designed, the brands priorities became more and more apparent as we grew.



Design is a huge part of what we do. DVR Founder Danielle studied Fashion Design with Business Studies at the University of Brighton and has gained experience working with a range of other sustainable designers and brands. At DVR we pride ourselves on designing for purpose, but without compromising on exciting, stand out clothing. We use subtle detailing and unique signature focuses to create a distinguished and recognisable DVR look. For us it's about timeless, beautiful style where quality and attention to detail is always visible to see.



A love of mother nature and our beautiful countryside and sea is what spurs our environmental consciousness and our efforts to do as little damage as possible through the running of the brand. As a team, we are passionate about educating and creating awareness of doing business more ethically and sustainably, and for our customers, to be able to offer advice and help in your efforts to live and shop more ethically and sustainably. We want to become more and more transparent as a brand, and break down the walls to help you as customers understand what you pay into when you buy our products. You can find our more about our sustainability efforts here.



Whether it be through sharing people's stories on our blogs or podcast, to our Tees for Charity, Tees for Change campaigns, at DVR we are passionate about standing up for what we believe in, collaborating with like minded people, and the power of community. If you want to join us in making a difference, you can check out our Charity tee products where we donate amounts to different charities and organisations that we care about, and keep an eye out on social media for our next community campaign that you can get involved in. We'd love to have you.



I've always been horse obsessed. There's no way to explain the absolute need of the horse connection to someone that doesn't understand us crazy horse people! It's my experiences in forming bonds and working through issues with trickier horses in my life that has taught me everything I know about understanding this world. From actions let out by fear, to the strength of your presence and energy, and how you present yourself in the moment, the body language that's so easy to understand when you slow down and just analyse what is happening for a minute, looking at a situation from different points of view, facing fears and trusting your instinct. Horses teach the best life skills. I truly believe my journey into understanding horsemanship is what has taught me how to source the strength, resilience, and determination needed to run a business.