Our suppliers and local partnerships



Tansleys Printers are a family run printers based in the centre of our town. When we started the business, we were passionate about building real working relationships with humans. Yes, maybe we could save money online, but to us, the ethics in running a sustainable brand don't just stop at the product supply chain, we care about supporting the right people in all areas of our business. We love popping in and seeing the guys at the printers and appreciate the amazing effort they go to, to turn our sometimes a little crazy ideas into reality. This team go above and beyond to offer us the best customer service and produce the most beautiful work. From our giant horse shoe installation some of you will have seen at our show stands, to posters, boards, and more frequently, your thank you post cards that come with your orders, we wouldn't work with anyone else. To visit Tansleys website, click here.


Chameleon Designs are our local embroiderers and printers that we love to use for any of our made to order products, our Charity Tee printing, and embroidery of some of our loungewear. We also use Chameleon when we personalise products. Being able to drive to suppliers and discuss designs and plans in person makes life so much easier! And again, building up those real, human relationships, and knowing that our money is supporting a small, family run business made up of 3 employees makes all the difference. 
Supply chain is one of the toughest parts to perfect in the fashion world. Finding the right manufacturers and suppliers is a costly and time consuming process which is why brands and designers keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to talking about their suppliers. We want to be transparent and open with you as the consumer, but equally we want to protect the money, time and effort that has gone into creating a great supply chain for ourselves. For this reason, we haven't share the names of all of our suppliers when it comes to the garment manufacturing side of the business, however, if you have any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to email hello@dvrequestrian.com
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We are DVR Equestrian. We are a UK based equestrian-wear brand dedicated to designing beautiful one-of-a-kind products made for purpose, and doing as little damage as possible to our planet in the process.



DVR was born through our Founder's idea for our STYLE VIS collection. A range of technical sports riding-wear incorporating high visibility to keep riders comfortable and seen, and to encourage the equestrian world to see visibility-wear in a new light.



As the brand grew, so did the team's awareness of how much sustainability and ethics mattered to us, from working with independent local suppliers, to adapting packaging choices, to questioning all components of the products being designed, the brands priorities became more and more apparent as we grew.



Design is a huge part of what we do. DVR Founder Danielle studied Fashion Design with Business Studies at the University of Brighton and has gained experience working with a range of other sustainable designers and brands. At DVR we pride ourselves on designing for purpose, but without compromising on exciting, stand out clothing. We use subtle detailing and unique signature focuses to create a distinguished and recognisable DVR look. For us it's about timeless, beautiful style where quality and attention to detail is always visible to see.



A love of mother nature and our beautiful countryside and sea is what spurs our environmental consciousness and our efforts to do as little damage as possible through the running of the brand. As a team, we are passionate about educating and creating awareness of doing business more ethically and sustainably, and for our customers, to be able to offer advice and help in your efforts to live and shop more ethically and sustainably. We want to become more and more transparent as a brand, and break down the walls to help you as customers understand what you pay into when you buy our products. You can find our more about our sustainability efforts here.



Whether it be through sharing people's stories on our blogs or podcast, to our Tees for Charity, Tees for Change campaigns, at DVR we are passionate about standing up for what we believe in, collaborating with like minded people, and the power of community. If you want to join us in making a difference, you can check out our Charity tee products where we donate amounts to different charities and organisations that we care about, and keep an eye out on social media for our next community campaign that you can get involved in. We'd love to have you.



I've always been horse obsessed. There's no way to explain the absolute need of the horse connection to someone that doesn't understand us crazy horse people! It's my experiences in forming bonds and working through issues with trickier horses in my life that has taught me everything I know about understanding this world. From actions let out by fear, to the strength of your presence and energy, and how you present yourself in the moment, the body language that's so easy to understand when you slow down and just analyse what is happening for a minute, looking at a situation from different points of view, facing fears and trusting your instinct. Horses teach the best life skills. I truly believe my journey into understanding horsemanship is what has taught me how to source the strength, resilience, and determination needed to run a business.