Recycled and Organic Fabrics 

We make as many of our designs as we can from recycled and organic materials, and will continue to expand on this as we grow and more becomes possible. Any products not made from sustainable materials we aim to be made to last, and offer a complimentary repairs service to back this up and help our customers enjoy their products for longer.

Our technical-wear collection is made from 78% recycled ocean plastics (mainly reclaimed fishing nets, but don't panic, the garments don't smell of fish!) with features such as oil resistance, muscle control, temperature regulation and UV protection. This collection includes our best selling unisex riding track pants, riding tights, base layers, compression bras (that seriously do the job!), and competition shirts.

The fabric mills we work with in Italy are #greenperforming, members of groups such as #Bluesign® , and have #GlobalRecyclingStandards certifications, as well as being committed to sustainability in areas such as their water usage, electricity usage, heat, waste, even creating their own energy internally to run the mill via a co-generation plant. .

Our ‘Sunday’ collection of comfy casuals features outerwear made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and fleecy loungewear made from a blend of organic cottons and recycled polyester. These products come from a #Fairwearfoundation supplier and are #vegan too.


Concentrating on as many of our products as possible being made in Portugal and the UK. Portugal is next best to the UK in terms of workers rights and environmental regulations, our factory in Portugal also specialises in sportswear, meaning the quality of garments produced is excellent.

Our recycled technical fabric is produced in Italy.

All of our reflective printing is done from our studio in Sussex. This can be seen on products such as our STYLE VIS base-layers, leggings, hat silks, jackets and fly veils. We collaborate with a UK based horse-wear manufacturer to create our STYLE VIS exercise sheets, and our hat silks are also Made in England from base-layer and riding tights production off-cuts.

We do have a number of products made or partly made outside of Europe, but we are working to reduce this as we grow.

Biodegradable and re-usable packaging

Our packaging for online orders is made from the same paper used for feed bags. Tough and strong, recyclable, biodigradable and compostable. Rather than using stickers, we stamp our packing to reduce waste. We use ordinary paper for our personal notes that go into the envelopes too, so that they will easily biodegrade.

At shows, we offer FREE TOTE BAGS with every purchase over £20. This is an initiative we have been doing since day one, and customers find the Tote bags incredibly useful to use when travelling, as hat bags or grooming bags. Those purchasing under £20 can take their product away in a brand stamped, paper bag.

Complimentary Repairs Initiative

We have always offered free repairs on any of our products, however we are now starting to talk about this a bit more. In an effort to get people to enjoy clothing for longer, we offer free repairs on your DVR products. This is something I (Owner of DVR) found and loved the idea of when working at another sustainable brand in my year out of uni. From seeing the initiative there, it was something I always wanted to introduce to my own brand. On the odd occasion there may be certain damage that we cannot help with, but we will always do our best to resolve any issues so that you can enjoy your DVR products for longer. If you want to find out more about this service click here

Sustainability based projects and collaborations

We are working behind the scenes to bring some exciting collaborations and projects to you in the future, in the aim to boost awareness of others doing great things, and also open minds to new ways of being more sustainable in our everyday life. If you have or know a brand that you would love to see us collaborate with, please drop me an email at