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It. Is. Amazing!!! Can I wear it to school? Is that allowed? Haha! I'm not kidding i'm wearing it now in my room. Love it so much! [Lucy Puffer Jacket]
Literally in love with the tracksuit bottoms, i'm just wearing them for everything? They're like comfy, clean, easy to wear, fashionable breeches!
- @pony_nuts
"Delighted with my Olympia purchase! Great fit and Fleur was more than happy out on our mizzly sunday morning hack."
 Karen on her STYLE VIS Stretch and Breathe ear bonnet 
"Abbie has not taken off the cream tights since we bought them from you at Olympia. Soooo comfy. Thank you." 
- Rachael Todd
"I get to try so many leggings [being a blogger] and I love yours most. I'd give the quality a 10 out of 10."
- @v_equinelife
"Went to a training show in my track pants, t-shirt and bra. All are so soft and comfy to ride in. Must bring me luck as we were 1st and 2nd."
"They're about the most comfortable jods i've ever tried on! Thank you so much! Can I also mention how quick and easy they are to wash and how quick they dry?!"
- Isaac on his technical riding trackpants
"The material is so soft and comfy. A miracle to find a range that is stylish, practical and functional."
- Charlotte MJ Mills (Showjumper)
"I have been really ill the past few days and a DVR package makes everything better. I love it, it [Lucy puffer jacket] feels amazing! And the track-pants fit perfectly!"
- Dani
"Honestly the most comfortable and secure bra I've ever had. I have 3 (of different colours) and wear them every day to ride, including to the gym and the beige/sand one under normal clothes and under thin show shirts as the colour doesn't show through. They're fab bras, and the fact that they're made from recycled fabric just makes them even more amazing." 
- Rebekah Whitehead (Groom)
"Omg! The base-layer!! It is so soft, and like incredible! The jumper is so cute and cosy, I am genuinely so extremely happy with this. It's such super colours. I think that's 5 DVR products now! Oh how my collection has grown so fast!"
- Niamh on her Kitty 1/4 zip base-layer
"I absolutely love them, they fit perfectly."
-@equine_fails_2018 on her Cynthia Riding Tights
"I love it! And literally live in it, the fabric is such good quality and it's super comfy." 
- Annabelle (Showjumper) on her everyday polo shirt
"I absolutely love my jacket, it's so warm and comfy I literally wear it every single hack I go on and just generally around the yard it's my favourite coat I own!!! And I also LOVE the saddle cloth, it's so smart!!  Even my top class instructor said he thinks it looks so nice and asked me where I got it from."
- Rachel (Eventer)
"The most comfortable sports bra I own! I wear it for riding, gym and tennis :)"
- Kirsten Wedel-Jenkins
"Absolutely love my new fluorescent clothing from DVR. Amazing quality clothing to keep my horses, staff and myself safe."
- British Olympic event rider Gemma Tattersall
“Went to a training show in my bra, t-shirt and trackpants. All are so soft and comfy to ride in. Must brin me luck as we came 1st and 2nd!”
- Showjumper Charlotte MJ Mills 
"Jumper fits perfect! Absolutely love it...thank you so much, it's lovely! Super well done, you've done an amazing job."
- Victoria Lymer on her Rider's Sweatshirt
“They’re about the most comfiest jods I’ve ever put on, thank you! Can I also mention how easy they are to wash and how quickly they dry!”
- Isaac Wong @equineinternational
"The best product I own at the minute...Excellent quality and comfortable"
- Daisy Amsing about her STYLE VIS Rider's Sweatshirt
"I can't explain how much i love my new leggings! Everything is perfect from the fit and comfort to the quality of the fabric. They perform impeccably well in the saddle and just look simply stunning. Definitely my new favourite pair, I just can't get over how amazing they are."
"Lovvvve wearing my top! So comfy and fits really nice"
- Meabh Clancy about her STYLE VIS Performance Long Sleeve
"I absolutely adore it! It is very comfortable and the material is so soft. I love the way it looks and have barely taken it off since it arrived!"
"I have just tried on my DVR Equestrian Style Vis jumper, riding leggings and neck fleece and am absolutely over the moon with the quality, fit and look of all the products!"
- Jess Teahan
"It fits perfectly, love it!"
- Laura (@lauuusii) about her Rider's Sweatshirt
"Wow I'm just amazed at how well designed your products are! They look perfect and I love the idea! I am so happy I have found your company and I am totally in love with the collection!!"
- Livi @lh.eventing
"Fits perfect I love it"
- Lauren about her Performance Long Sleeve
"In love with my new leggings and numnah"
- Holly Clarke 
"I love the fact that even the packaging it's sent in is beautiful."
- Abbi 
"Received the products and absolutely love them."
- Max Shriane on his Performance Long Sleeve and DVR saddle cloth
"I love it! It fits great thank you."
- Lucy Upton on her Performance Long Sleeve
"Absolutely love my Performance Long Sleeve, hardly taken it off this week as it's so perfect for layering up and any exercise."
- Imogen 
[My Performance Long Sleeve] has kept my temperature just right when I've been riding out...I also love the colour combo and the performance shirt ever."
- Abbie (@abbie_burbidge)
"Thank you so much for my products they are amazing!"
- Beau on her performance tee and neck fleece
"I love it [Rider's Sweatshirt] so much!! And thank you so much for the neck fleece, they are both so comfy!!"
- Livi (@lh.eventing)
"The STYLE VIS collection is so gorgeous and very clever including the high vis in with stylish clothing! I love the sweater in particular."
- Ella Lucas
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We are DVR Equestrian. We are a UK based equestrian-wear brand dedicated to designing beautiful one-of-a-kind products made for purpose, and doing as little damage as possible to our planet in the process.



DVR was born through our Founder's idea for our STYLE VIS collection. A range of technical sports riding-wear incorporating high visibility to keep riders comfortable and seen, and to encourage the equestrian world to see visibility-wear in a new light.



As the brand grew, so did the team's awareness of how much sustainability and ethics mattered to us, from working with independent local suppliers, to adapting packaging choices, to questioning all components of the products being designed, the brands priorities became more and more apparent as we grew.



Design is a huge part of what we do. DVR Founder Danielle studied Fashion Design with Business Studies at the University of Brighton and has gained experience working with a range of other sustainable designers and brands. At DVR we pride ourselves on designing for purpose, but without compromising on exciting, stand out clothing. We use subtle detailing and unique signature focuses to create a distinguished and recognisable DVR look. For us it's about timeless, beautiful style where quality and attention to detail is always visible to see.



A love of mother nature and our beautiful countryside and sea is what spurs our environmental consciousness and our efforts to do as little damage as possible through the running of the brand. As a team, we are passionate about educating and creating awareness of doing business more ethically and sustainably, and for our customers, to be able to offer advice and help in your efforts to live and shop more ethically and sustainably. We want to become more and more transparent as a brand, and break down the walls to help you as customers understand what you pay into when you buy our products. You can find our more about our sustainability efforts here.



Whether it be through sharing people's stories on our blogs or podcast, to our Tees for Charity, Tees for Change campaigns, at DVR we are passionate about standing up for what we believe in, collaborating with like minded people, and the power of community. If you want to join us in making a difference, you can check out our Charity tee products where we donate amounts to different charities and organisations that we care about, and keep an eye out on social media for our next community campaign that you can get involved in. We'd love to have you.



I've always been horse obsessed. There's no way to explain the absolute need of the horse connection to someone that doesn't understand us crazy horse people! It's my experiences in forming bonds and working through issues with trickier horses in my life that has taught me everything I know about understanding this world. From actions let out by fear, to the strength of your presence and energy, and how you present yourself in the moment, the body language that's so easy to understand when you slow down and just analyse what is happening for a minute, looking at a situation from different points of view, facing fears and trusting your instinct. Horses teach the best life skills. I truly believe my journey into understanding horsemanship is what has taught me how to source the strength, resilience, and determination needed to run a business.