How to deal with COVID 19 anxiety

As anxiety surrounding Corona Virus (COVID-19) grows, how can we help ourselves feel positive at home and up the yard?
At this concerning time, with things changing every day, It is time to choose our actions with others safety in mind, as well as our own.
It is time to offer help and support to those that may need it but feel unable to ask, but it is also time to offer yourself some self care and self love to help you to feel positive and reduce anxiety.
Below are some examples of things I like to do alone and up the yard when I have the time, that make me feel positive and fresh.

These are only ideas from my own life and aren't right or possible for all, they are simply to intemperate as you wish and take ideas from if you have more time on your hands and want some positive ideas of things to do...

At home

Take a long hot bath.
Exfoliate your body.
Massage your feet and hands.
Write down the things you are grateful for.
Leave your conditioner in as a 10 minute mask.
Light a candle.
Read the book you've been putting off.
Hoover your bed and put on your favourite sheets.
Re-organise your cupboards and drawers.
Clear out and organise your laptop/desktop.
Write down some long term goals.
Make a dream board.
Practise breathing techniques.
Follow some yoga or pilates videos on youtube.
Draw a picture.
Write a poem.
Write down your thoughts and feelings
Listen to your favourite music and sing.
Dance in front of the mirror and connect with the person you see, send love and positivity to that person.
Follow a recipe to make something new.
Read about something you are interested in learning more about.

Up the yard

As anxiety surrounding Corona Virus (COVID-19) grows, how can we help ourselves feel positive at home and up the yard?

Give your horse a proper spring clean. Use every brush you have.
Use the curry comb in circles to give your horse a lovely massage groom, when they react to the good areas, spend time there, spoil them.
Don't rush your groom, brush their face slowly, breathe deeply and enjoy the moment with them.
Take the time to notice them slowly relax as you do. Teach them, breathe closely to them, tell them that you want nothing more from them than to enjoy the moment with you, you only have to tell them in your head and they will get it if you are patient enough.
Go out for a ride you've been wanting to do for ages.
Hand graze your horse, take the time to listen to them eat, smell the fresh air, look up at the sky, and just be.
Deep clean your stable, brush the walls of any webs and dust, scrub their water buckets, give the floor/matts a good clean.
Reorganise and fold your rugs.
Clean out your grooming kit, keep the things you use everyday in there and put any other bits away.
Take you bridle apart for a good clean.
Give your saddle a good clean.
Go for a walk with your horse and chat to them.


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