Trick or Treat 2021

Are you ready?


It's our favourite time of year again! Halloween is a big deal here at DVR Equestrian HQ. We LOVE it! And we know you lot feel the same. Ever since we launched we have celebrated with you guys by offering a super fun shopping experience with a spooooky twist. 


Our trick or treat game is like no other, and the power is in your hands! As always, you can choose between a treat option, which allows you to make the most of a fantastic discount on anything you want to order over the weekend, OR, if you're the risk taker that likes surprises, you can go for the TRICK code... which means you get a smaller discount off, but your order will also have added surprises inside! Which will you be going for? 


This year we have gone bigger and better than EVER. We decided everyone deserves a proper treat, and so you 'treaters' get to enjoy an incredible 25% off of whatever you would like to order on the website. As you'll know, this is an amazing and very rare opportunity.


5% off at check out and we can say nothing else, you'll have to wait until your parcel arrives to find out!

Conditions to be aware of:

- All orders will be packed and sent once the weekend deal is over
- Codes expire midnight Monday 1st November 2021
- Codes must be used at check out to play
- Any gifted products if sized, will be sent in the same size as the purchased product(s)
- We do not cover the cost of postage to exchange any gifted products. If the customer wishes to exchange a gifted product for a different size, postage will be charged to the customer before the new product is sent out. 
- If a customer has used the 'TRICK' code to receive a free gift with their order and then wishes to return their purchased order, the gift must be returned with the order. If the gift is not returned, the refund will be made with the difference of the cost of the gift deducted.

And we think that's about it! We hope you enjoy playing this year's trick or treat! And we look forward to packing your spoooky orders!

Here's a little look back on our previous trick or treat games


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