Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year!! Are we late? I think we are!... but truth is, we don't really count January. Do you? I feel like resolutions set at the beginning of January are so hard to keep, especially over such a long feeling month. You get back into the everyday life routine and its difficult to feel the motivation you felt immediately after the Christmas break when fitting more in or feeling energised is so much easier. Give yourself a pat on the back, we've got through one of the toughest months of the year! And now we can start thinking about real, long-term, bite-sized but sustainable resolutions. Ones that we might ACTUALLY be able to stick to! I heard on the radio today it takes you doing something 21 times for it to become a habit. Be kind to yourself. Make a small change and work on sticking to it, rather than thinking big for one week and then failing miserably and feeling rubbish for it. Small steps, small steps! 
Anyway, let's round up 2021 before we share some other stuff! 2021 was a weird one. Weird like 2020 but slightly differently weird. At DVR, we still managed to make the best of it. Introducing the limited lockdown lounge-wear range was all about embracing the cosy, whilst realising that we are all existing through something that will be talked about in the history books. That as much as we all would like to move on and forget all about Covid 19, it's also something that has effected all of our lives, and will have effected us whether we realise it or not. As tough as it's been, as much as you might feel you didn't achieve everything you wanted to, I really do urge you to be kind to yourself because this has been heavy stuff from an emotional point of view, and mentally draining to process. Well done for getting through, and now we can look to the future. 
Hickstead Nexgen Show DVR Equestrian stand
In spite of more lockdowns and 'uncertain times' we still managed to get to a few lovely shows. Borde Hill Horse Trials, Hickstead Nexgens, and Horse of the Year show. A huge thank you to the girls from the show teams, Steph and Dede. The best part of these was being able to see REAL people again, talk face-to-face, speak about the products and have customers try things on! 
Our Made in England updated base-layer and hat silk collections launched and went down a storm. Made from the same ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabric which comes from Italy, these products boast UV Protection, muscle control, temperature regulation, oil resistance, and perfect fit. Design features include thumb holes, 1/4 zip, grown on collar, long length, and signature contrast panelling detail on the arms, designed to create a slimming affect to the arms from the side.
DVR Equestrian recycled Luxe headband
Later in the year, we launched our luxury recycled headbands made from recycled knitwear re-crocheted into gorgeous accessories. I am most proud of this project because of our innovative way of recycling, whilst keeping our carbon footprint down as all material is sourced locally, and we are able to support local charities and our local economy. You can get yourself one of these headbands here.
Our Samantha Slouchy Sweatshirts were the last product of 2021, and wow were they a favourite of yours! The BEST fit! I personally love how great they look tucked in too and am often found wearing mine for work. The slouchy style looks so effortlessly chic, and the pockets and cosy collar make you feel cuddled too.
In the background we've been doing a lot of rethinking, getting systems in place and working on business strategy in order to become the brand I know you all see us having the potential to be. There is so much I as a founder want to achieve, but as a designer it's easy for me to put my creative brain above the business head, and it's time to focus and make things happen! 
2022 is looking to be a very exciting year. We've already booked our place at both Hickstead Derby and Hickstead Longines events so grab your tickets and come see us! We've also got a couple of exciting announcements in the pipe-line that I can't wait to reveal to you! We've got an accessory collaboration launching end of Feb, and we're bringing some of your favourite styles out in some gorgeous colours in time for summer! 
Wishing you all a very happy 2022. I'll leave you with some motivational thoughts and 'to do's' that I'm holding for myself this year, maybe you'll find them motivational too :)
Lots of love, Danielle 
Dream big
(And write down the plan before imposter syndrome shows it's ugly face!)
Make action plans
Get out earlier so you can ride for longer
Hold yourself accountable (regularly)
Move and stretch more
Limit social media time per week
Drink more water
Work smarter, not harder
Do the tasks you don't like doing first
Be more present

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