CONVERSATIONS FROM ISOLATION - Episode 2 with Callum Banfield

In episode 2 of the Conversations from Isolation Podcast, we speak to the very talented and super entrepreneurial rider and businessman that is Callum Banfield.
Callum took on his first livery yard at the age of 16 after using his pocket money to share a horse up to this point, he has put on events at some of the best venues and training camps with the likes of Piggy French, Ros Canter, Gemma Tattersall, Caroline Moore, Harry Meade and Ben Hobday to name a few, and just celebrated his 19th birthday sharing birthday cake with Emily King.

In his own words, his business is all about, "Making the best accessible for everyone." Which we really love.

We talk about what it's like being behind these events, from the funniest stories to the most stressful, the inspiring efforts and chances he has taken to get to where he is today, and lots of other random and fun horsey things

You don't want to miss this one! Enjoy!
And a huge thank you to Callum for being such a great guest. You are way beyond your years, maybe you'll realise it when you listen back to this! Wishing you and the business all the best through these tricky times x


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