The Best Hi-Visibility Fly Veil For My Horse

STYLE VIS Stretch & Breathe Ear Bonnet

Having a high visibility accessory on the front of your horse hugely improves visibility from the front view. When an accessory is on the moving head of the horse, it creates a flashing affect similar to when you see a flashing light, as the head movement catches the eye.

High visibility fly veils are a brilliant option for a high visibility accessory for your horse, as they cover a wide area and make a big impact.

Here at DVR Equestrian we have designed a fly veil that not only does it's hi-visibility job, but is also carefully tailored to your horses head for ultimate comfort, using stretchy and breathable fabric for an unistrusive wear. 

Our STYLE VIS Stretch & Breathe Ear Bonnet is a great staple for any rider who hacks their horse. The fabric we have chosen is breathable, allowing the veil to be worn in all temperatures, coming with reflective piping and our reflective DVR logo on the front too. 

It comes in fluorescent lemon, raspberry pink and fire orange colours. The lemon option comes with velcro straps behind the ears, and the pink and orange options are designed with 2 grosgrain ribbon ties behind the horses ears for extra security around the headpiece.

The reflective used on these fly veils is certificate to EN20471.

The fabric is not only stretchy around the ears, but the entire veil is made in the stretchy fabric, making it very comfortable for the horse and not restricting the movement.

The glowing fabric gains a lot of attention from cyclists, drivers and dog walkers while riding. Being visible is extremely important when hacking your horse, day or evening in the countryside or on the roads. 

Evidence has shown that wearing hi-vis while riding gives drivers an extra 3 seconds of reaction time, being able to slow down or stop the car. Wearing hi-visibility for yourself and your horse massively reduces the chances of an accident. 

Coming in pony, cob and full sizes, we have a size suitable for your horse. If you are unsure on what size to purchase then don't hesitate to message us, and we can advise on the best size. 

The British Horse Society have stated that research has been carried out by the Ministry of Defence showing that helicopter pilots could potentially see a rider in hi-vis clothing up to half a mile sooner, giving them more time to react and take avoiding action where possible. It also means that in the unfortunate event that a rider is thrown from their horse and left in the open countryside, they can be seen and found much sooner, hopefully preventing their injuries from becoming more serious. There is no law that states equestrians must wear hi-vis, but it is in their best interests to do so.

The STYLE VIS Stretch & Breathe Ear Bonnet is one of our best selling products in the shop here 


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