The DVR annual Trick or Treat game has launched!

DVR Equestrian Halloween Game Trick Or Treat

Every year since we launched DVR Equestrian, we have had so much fun playing our annual halloween 'trick or treat' game with you! 2022 is no different, and we're excited to announce that we're launching the game on the 24th October. The trick or treat game is available to play from the 24th until midnight on the 31st October. 

How does the trick or treat game work?

The game is super simple and super easy to play. You can purchase any product on the website and choose the option to use code TRICK or TREAT at check out. Code TRICK will mean you only get 1% off your order, but you receive a parcel full of surprises along with your product. In the past these have included things such as sweets, vouchers, surprise products and some spooky extras too. If you choose TREAT you'll be able to enjoy an exciting 20% discount off of your chosen product, but you won't receive anything extra in your parcel. So the question is, do you dare go for the TRICK or do you make the most of the discount and treat yourself? 

Which products can I order to play the Trick or Treat game?

Some years, we've picked certain products that the Trick or Treat game is linked to. However, we've decided to give you full rein on what product(s) you want to order. 

Will I get the same Trick prize if my order is double the price of what somebody else ordered that also chose Trick? 

We base the trick prizes on the order amount. So if you spend more, your trick prize will be bigger in relation to this. We make sure we are very fair with the way the gifting is offered. 

What if I don't like the TRICK prize?

The TRICK option is what it says on the tin, in the same way it works in the traditional game. The whole point of the game is that it is a gamble and you don't know what you're getting. If you don't like what you receive or feel you have a purpose for it, you can decide to gift it on or do whatever else you please with it, however, you cannot exchange the product(s) or return the prize(s) in return for money.

What if my TRICK prize doesn't fit?

If we send out a product that is not one size fits all, we will go by the size ordered for another product. If the product doesn't fit, we will work with you to exchange for a correct size or another like product. 

Does everybody get the same TRICK prize?

No. We tailor each TRICK package to the customer. We'll make sure you don't receive something you've previously ordered, and we try our hardest to make sure you're getting something we feel you are going to be pleased to receive!

Do you dare to play?

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